Andrea Wittenbecher

My way of working -
Synergy of ergonomics and physiotherapy

As patients, managers or employees, you yourself are the specialists when it comes to your own complaints or your own workplace. This is the starting point of all my work. My physiotherapeutic background in combination with my qualification as an ergonomist offers the best prerequisites to tackle or prevent musculoskeletal complaints in a down-to-earth, pragmatic and all-round way. I am happy to accompany you or your employees on the path to behavioural change, self-management and a healthier lifestyle or way of working.


Andrea Wittenbecher

BSc Physiotherapy, MSc Work & Health (Ergonomics) Karolinska Institutet Stockholm/Sweden

Owner and director

Lecturer for prevention and health promotion at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University.

Freelancer for Suva, Gsünder Basel and azb for over 10 years.

Languages: German, English, Swedish

Carolin Haase

BSc Physiotherapy, Saxion Hogeschool Enschede (NL)

Pelvic floor and pain therapist Manual therapy according to Maitland Redcord Neurac & Active Pilates instructor

Languages: German, English, Dutch

Zita Zeuggin

Group training

Zita attaches great importance to quality and health: training should be fun, healthy and beneficial.

Fitness trainer B-License, Crossfit Coach, Swiss Olympic Powerlifter

Languages: German, English, Baseldyytsch

Barbara Ehrler


Barbara Ehrler manages our financial affairs with passion and precision.

Languages: German, English, Polish

Sara Lilly

Voice Ergonomics

Sara Lilly is a classically trained soprano of the Conservatory of the City of Vienna with 20 years of experience in voice coaching as well as music and movement.

Concert diploma Konservatorium der Stadt Wien. Vocal studies at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. BA Music and Movement, Music Academy of the City of Basel.

Languages: German, English, Swedish


I work with a range of partners in the organisation including employees, managers, team leaders, health and safety professionals, occupational health practitioners, HR managers and IT managers.

My work includes health promotion, preventive and rehabilitative measures at individual, group and organisational levels:

Organisational level:

Links between organisational factors and physical and mental stress, support for your workplace health management (WHM), support in planning and designing workplaces, premises and workstations, advice on purchasing work equipment and furniture, carrying out and supporting risk assessments.

Team level:

Recording of physical and mental stress, training of managers and employees on workplace design and organisation, group training directly at the workplace and online training.

Individual level:

Physiotherapeutic consultations and treatments, workplace analyses and evaluation of work content, tasks, stresses in relation to personal work ability, training in work technique and use of work equipment directly at the workplace, health and ergonomics consultations, creation of personal exercise programmes.

In order to improve working conditions and reduce complaints at the workplace, I always first look at the conditions, the possible use of aids and the work organisation factors. Only then do I focus on personal behaviour.

If we tailor specific interventions for certain target groups, they are more successful. That is why I do not offer solutions that are the same for everyone.

My vision is that the workplaces of the future should be health promoting.


To ensure patient-centred therapy and achieve the best possible results, I take into account my patients’ individual needs, preferences and experiences. Together we discuss appropriate treatment options based on current research as well as my therapeutic and ergonomic experience. This allows us to make the best decisions together and ensure that each patient receives the best possible therapy.