Our way of working

Our aim is to provide patients with the best possible practical help and treatment for pain and functional limitations. We treat all orthopaedic, rheumatic, traumatological and gynaecological diagnoses with joy and passion.

We work to the best of our ability in an evidence-based manner to provide the most effective treatment for our patients. Limits and realistic expectations are discussed and the patient’s knowledge, individual situation and experience are incorporated from the outset.

Therapy methods

We combine our many years of experience in manual therapy, medical training therapy and other methods involving the fascia and musculoskeletal system.

In addition to one-on-one treatment in the practice, we create a web-based training programme for you to do at home and offer you opportunities to practice it together.

You can read more about the focus and working methods of the individual members of our team here.

In addition to the aforementioned standard treatments methods, we also offer:

Neurac is a testing, therapy and training method that aims to stimulate and activate muscles in order to promote the mobility and function of muscles and joints, and thereby reduce pain. The therapy includes tests and exercises that use ropes and slings to challenge balance. During treatment, an exercise programme is designed specifically for you.

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Lymphoedema, swelling or haematoma can occur after injuries, operations, venous disorders or congenital malformation of the lymphatic system. This is where manual lymphatic drainage can be used as an oedema and decongestion therapy to decongest the tissue and support the healing process. The treatment is gentle and painless and can be carried out once or several times a week.

Lymphoedema or string formation (violin string phenomenon) can occur in the arm, chest or ribcage after removal of lymph nodes, breast removal, after radiotherapy or after injury. String formation can lead to painful movement restrictions. These can be effectively treated with special manual solution techniques and contribute to improved everyday mobility and well-being.

Various complications can arise with haemophilia, such as joint and muscle bleeding with painful swelling. My experience with the Neurac/Redcord concept, as a mother of two (now adult) sons with severe haemophilia A, as well as further training at the HaemAcademy and in lymphatic drainage, I can help you get moving again if you suffer from the consequences of a bleeding disorder. Even with this diagnosis, it is known that muscle building and coordination training can be used preventively.

If prescribed by a doctor, the costs are covered by basic insurance.
Prices for self-payers: Fr. 65.- (30 min) or Fr. 130.- (60 min)